The tea-party in my head.

Me at 12:30 AM: I am finally in bed early tonight; Mission Successful.

Brain: Yeah, like you successfully wasted three months of this year, yet again!

Anxiety: Well, well, the show has just begun.

The marriage saga- and why this generation is afraid of it.

All of us come with a baggage- whether you accept it or not and our fear of settling down with someone is a result of this very baggage.
We are a part of the generation for whom career, fun, and independence comes the foremost, we are part of a culture where compromising for someone’s sake is off the table and anything that hampers our mental peace is shunned out(remember all the positive vibes quotes from Insta), we are trying to find love in era of left and right swipes, easy make-up and break-up and trial live-ins! Ideal wife/mother or a husband material yet?- Oh, I am flawsome, accept me as I come or watch me go is our motto.

More Than A Debate.

Originally posted on DeepAsThoughts:
“Why is our cousin attending an argument class, mom?” “Argument class?” “Yes. She said she goes for one every week . Has she learnt to argue better now ?” “Oh! You mean the debate class ?” “Yes. The same .” The next two minutes are very critical for me. I have…

Those Shades Of Grey!!

Remember those times, when as a child all you wanted to do was be a grown-up and do all the grown-up stuff that we are doing now? Welcome to the reality of it –life is tough, messy and a lot does not make sense.What is important to understand is that your 20s are supposed to be this way – not a happy, dream-come-true, victorious story, but one with a series of struggles, pitfalls, and constant metamorphosis. What we fail to understand is that it is OKAY to feel lost. It is okay if you do not have everything figured out just yet. As they say – life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced!

A sweet and crisp advice of what your writing should be like.

God & Man1. Being a good writer is less about knowing the rules of writing and more about having something to say. You can write as eloquent a piece as you’d like but if you aren’t saying anything meaningful, nobody’s going to remember it. If you aren’t expressing something that you genuinely, from the bottom… via…

Now Live: Be Mine Blog Party

Welcome to Scale it Simple’s Be Mine Blog Party! If you are looking for a supportive, creative and entertaining Valentines day date, then you have come to the right place today! What better way to celebrate the energetic and over the top day of love which is Valentine’s day than to read some awesome blog posts…

Meet and Greet: 2/11/17

It’s the Meet and Greet Weekend again at Dream Big Dream Often. I have been here very regularly, and I have always made a great connections. Share your posts, read some great ones and network ! 🙂

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello Everybody! I have been nominated by Ciaraolo for the Versatile Blogger Award. In all sincerity, I would like to thank you Ciara as this would be my first award post. Do check out her blog Moonmoda ,offering you interesting vivacious reads on lifestyle and everything fashion! So if you are nominated, here are the rules: 1….

Love Triumphs All

It’s the wedding season here in India, and I was busy last week attending a few weddings myself.
But of all the love stories that saw the happy ending this year, this one deserves a special mention: this Indian-Dutch wedding!