The Vantage Point

After quite some procrastination, here I am, blogging my way through life.

I  blog as things happen to me, so I am sharing my roller coaster of myriad emotions, musings, failures, dreams, love, breakups and food- which pretty much sum up the life of a 20 something(well late-twentish), extroverted-shy breed who happens to be an overthinker!

And you are a part of this twisted story now!

For all these years, I had a thousand reasons for not writing but then I held on to that one reason for doing this. I have my own set of strong beliefs but an open stance on everything which I wish to bring out here on Long Island Iced Tea: a strong mixture of everything that makes life as we know it!

As they say, sometimes the journey teaches you a lot more about the destination and that is what my blog is all about.

Welcome to the window of my world through my words! Hope you have a pleasant stay.



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