A review: The Pandan Villa- Canggu, Bali

Bali is a favorite destination among most of the travelers- not only because it is insanely beautiful but also because it is super affordable! Now affordable is a very relative word and the affordability of affordable varies from people to people! But if you are a regular, working person who is still struggling to pay the credit card bills but has a knack for traveling- like me- then believe me when I say that Bali is affordable.

I was in Bali in August 17 which is a pretty crowded time to be in Bali and this ensures that the hotel prices are at a comparably higher end than the rest of the year. You will find an array of options for staying in all ranges but I stayed at a gorgeous, slightly above average priced villa during my last two days of stay in Bali, but boy was it worth it!

You can find a full video review of the place on my channel- Your Broke Wanderer:->  Review: Pandan Tree Villa | Canggu, Bali

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Location- 4/5

So this villa is located in Canggu, just the right bit away from the hustle bustle of the lively Kuta and is amidst lush green rice paddy fields. Now this won’t be your ideal location if you are looking for something right in the heart of Bali’s night life or something by the beach but I wanted a relaxing escape to end my long two-week tiring journey and hence I picked this location. Saying that it also isn’t in the middle of nowhere, the famous Tanah Lot temple and the Canggu beach are an easy drive from here and there is an array of restaurants when you get into the main road.

The reason it’s a four is availability of cabs in wee hours of the night/morning, especially if you have to get to the airport. Now the staff can arrange for a cab at your request, but they do charge a bit extra(around twice the amount Uber and other cabs would charge) and I was looking to avoid paying extra wherever I could. But hey, that amount won’t seem heavy to most of you and that’s okay!

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 Accommodation- 5/5

It is beautiful! Well, it’s not your regular chic, modern and ultra sophisticated stay, but it is glamorous with it’s 80s-90’s charm and a quiet, laid-back setting. We were in a  one bedroom villa with our own private pool, but they do have options for two bedroom villa.

The bedroom is pretty basic but very cozy and comfortable and the bed is snug and warm. It comes with a wardrobe and an electronic safe. The open living cum dining hall overlooks the pool and the kitchen and the fridge are well stuffed so if you ever miss homemade food, you are good to go! The DVD collection and magazines are well updated and your lazy afternoon is very well sorted. The washroom was my favorite part because it’s open-aired yet your very own private washroom, and it is absolutely charming.

The breakfast was complimentary and has a decent number of option and was good, although the food that we ordered in the night that we checked in was not so great but again that was just one night and was late, so no judgment!

One thing you got to keep in mind is that since it is located amidst paddy fields, be prepared to encounter some insects every once in a while and sounds of rickets will be your background noise in the nights.

Hospitality-> 4/5

We checked in pretty late in the night and the staff was there to welcome and greet us with our welcome drinks. In my short stay, I did not have any negative experience with the staff, they were polite, prompt and keen to help you.

My only bad experience was while booking the cab where the night staff was deliberately trying to rob us of our sweet earned money by overcharging us(again, a relative term) but that is common in every tourist place and we did manage a fair deal with the cab in the end; so no qualms there!


Value for money->4.5/5

Since we were there in a pretty on season, it was priced well above average(around 6-7k INR/100$ per night) as compared to other properties in Bali, but I am a person for whom budget comes in secondary if the stay makes me happy and I was.

The verdict-

One thing that I really liked about this place was the attention to details. We were provided with a small handset in case we needed to call the staff at the reception and a few other helpful numbers(of a cab, a tour guide etc) were punched in and I found that very thoughtful(we did use it to call our Uber driver). There were also a number of different towels and I love towels- we had a set of hand towels, pool towels, bath towels and some refreshment towels at our check-in!

The stay was great overall and it served my purpose beautifully of booking that room-it was a beautiful relaxing escape and a perfect way to end my trip.

P.S: They have a two pin socket so keep your plug adapters handy or you can ask for one a the reception there. 

Would I recommend it to someone visiting Bali-> Of course.                                                Would I stay here again the next time I am there-> I would love to if I am there with the same purpose again. 

You can find the AirBnB listing here: Pandan Tree Villa, Canggu




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  1. teresam61 says:

    Beautiful photos!! Would love to go there someday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ayushi says:

      Thank You Terasam61, do let me know about your experience whenever you visit!!:)


  2. Looks like a place worth a visit. Thank you for a very unbiased review. Attention to detail is something that makes a place stand out and since you have specifically mentioned it, this place has scored high on my card too.
    BTW Susie guided me to this place. Happy to follow.


  3. maulikpanditblog says:

    Amazing place


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