More Than A Debate.

I have always believed that the root cause for all issues- big or small is usually a simple one. This is a classic take on how a debate sounds in a toddler’s head vs how we as adults take it! As they say the problem is that we do not listen to understand but to reply.This is why being a toddler was so easy, we had a pure, unbiased and fair understanding of things. Head over to deepasthoughts and find more! 🙂

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“Why is our cousin attending an argument class, mom?”

“Argument class?”

“Yes. She said she goes for one every week . Has she learnt to argue better now ?”

“Oh! You mean the debate class ?”

“Yes. The same .”

The next two minutes are very critical for me. I have to keep the kid engaged in the same thought because they tend to get into the next train of thoughts easily and at the same time I have to frame my thoughts on how to take this discussion forward. I just about manage to do that and start a conversation.

“It’s called a debate. It is a very important tool. ”

“Why ?”

“Because it is always important to know the other side of the coin. ”


“For example, when you say  A is right, and the other person says B is right , you should be able…

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